Nail wrap and glitter placement mani


My family has had a terrible cold for two weeks and it finally got me today…uuuggghhh lol. I needed something cheerful in my life so I decided to do something colorful and cheery. I got these nail wrap samples sent to me about two weeks ago and I’ve been wanting to try them out. They were super easy to apply and I would definitely recommend picking some of these up if you’re into nail art but want something a little easier. The polishes I used are Loreal acid watermelon and Essie licorice. I applied the loose glitter using a dotting tool and clear polish. If you’re looking for loose glitters there’s tons to choose from on Amazon and they are super cheap. Anyway this is what the final product looks like. I really like it.


I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Let me know in the comments below what you think. Have you tried nail wraps before?? Xoxo Rachel.

Want to try it out yourself?

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  1. Morgan says:

    I am so thrilled that you enjoyed them! They really are easy and to have them last so long with so little mess or fuss is the best part. I’m a big fan and consider myself super special to get a little part of this mixed mani 🙂 thanks again for giving them a try! <3